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How Does Newon Work?


How does Newon Work?
The glow that makes Newon go is supplied by Light Emitting Diodes, commonly known as LEDs. This proven technology has been around since the late 60s, but recent advances have made LEDs both brighter and more cost-effective. Used in everything from wristwatches to traffic lights, long-lasting LEDs operate at a safe 12 volts DC (direct current), and produce no heat or noise.

In Newon, rows of high-quality LEDs are embedded in something we like to call a polymer waveguide. In English, this means a special translucent material which gives a bright, even glow that looks like a brighter version of neon. This stuff was also designed to be relatively easy to bend or mold into custom shapes, making it perfect for signs.

Soon you’ll be hearing lots more about LEDs. As technology continues its march forward, you’re going to start seeing them used for everything from architectural accents on buildings to roller coaster lighting to household light bulbs.

Newon signs are right on the forefront of this new lighting wave. Our developers have a bunch of patents pending on this exciting technology, and more really useful products are in the works.


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