Better Than Neon!™


For 100 years or so, neon signs have lighted the way to shops, restaurants and just about any place else that wants to let people know it’s open for business. Neon Signs have proven amazingly effective as a business tool – otherwise, nobody would have continued to put up with the constant threat of injury and damage from breakage, high voltages and fire.

But all this danger’s about to be a thing of the past, thanks to a friendly new technology called Newon.

Newon gives you a neon sign’s look and stopping power in a safe package that’s brighter, cheaper to operate and far more durable. Newon lasts at least three times as long as neon signs. Our proven LED technology doesn’t generate heat or make noise. It’s also thin and light enough to fit in spaces no neon sign can.

Makes you wonder how civilization ever got this far without it.


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